Theater ABC's

10:00AM - 11:15AM

Ages 6 - 9

Children's House 

3025 Monterey Rd, Atascadero, CA 93422


Class size is limited to ensure optimal student / teacher ratio.


Come join the fun! Start at the very beginning and learn about the world of theater. Sing, create characters, act out stories, and much more! Feel alive with the power and magic of the imagination!  Our 3 day camp provides an imaginative outlet for this energetic age. You’ll use your body and voice to create an exciting, unique place—complete with original characters and stories. Each exciting class will help students build confidence and learn theater basics.   The final day of camp finishes with a sharing of stories and songs for family and friends.


Whoever said "nice guys finish last" never met Joe Ogren. At the tender age of 18, Joe made the leap from sunny San Luis Obispo, California to the Big Apple - but he's never lost his small-town spirit.  The six-foot tall ginger (now a mature 26 years of age) has a soft spot for dogs and children, and when not touring with the USO Show Troupe, you'll find him jamming to country music on the NYC subway.  Joe plans on returning to the West Coast someday, but not before conquering the Broadway world first!


Erik is the Artistic Director and co-founder of Kelrik Productions has been honored to direct over 75 professional productions at wonderful places such as the San Luis Obispo Performing Arts Center Harmon Hall, Spanos Theater, Clark Center, Unity Playhouse and the beautiful El Portal in North Hollywood and the Lyceum in San Diego.   Kelrik began as a small neighborhood theater group when Erik was only 10 years old that has been dedicated to providing quality live theater with high standards and artistic vision . When not producing shows, Erik is busy teaching workshops throughout the state of California and Montessori Children’s Schools inviting students into an exciting and nurturing environment in which they may explore the power of theater and their own imaginations.  A native of Portage, Indiana, Erik is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy New York City.  Mr. Austin is the author of "90 Days in Shadow Hills, How I Survived the Underworld" and his current art collection "Angels and Rainbows" has been displayed throughout the state of California.  Check out his art at


"Physical comedy champ Ogren's eager-beaver, ginger-haired Max, is a star-turn so engaging it more than merits the recent Pace University grad’s final-curtain-call standing ovation.”  - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“As Crutchie, Ogren's performance is straight out of an old-time Hollywood movie.” - Brent M. Parker, Lompoc Record

"Joe Ogren portrays Mark effortlessly. As perhaps the most conflicted character in the show, Ogren finds the joy in the tough moments and utter happiness in the rest." - Charlie Schill, The Herald Journal


"Joe Ogren makes Stacee Jaxx an appropriately self-absorbed, charismatic rock god who oozes sex appeal and uses it to get his way, yet he also instills the part with a loneliness that makes you actually care for Jaxx.... Like the rest of the cast, Ogren is a gifted vocalist, delivering a soaring performance of ‘Dead or Alive’.” -  Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway Phoenix


"Ogren is a meek, lovable Charlie Brown and the audience laughs with him and at him as he faces his fears and shares his stories.   He plays well off the others in the cast and is a master storyteller." - Jennifer Mustoe, Front Row Reviewers


“Stand-outs include Joe Ogren’s endearing, twangy country boy Willard.” - Charles Runnells, Ft. Myers News-Press



"One of Erik’s most admirable skills is his ability to really listen to the students during the whole process. The students rise to his expectations because they trust him and are not hesitant to talk with him about their roles, their fears and their joys"  - Mary Kern,  Montessori Children's School 

"Erik is a talented director who works so well with the children. He knows how to magically encourage the students to be larger than life and pull these funny, scary, silly, sweet or powerful characters from within themselves. The students respect Erik and work hard to do their best.

And they do."  - Korey Dudley,  Children's House Montessori