Mission Statement




NOTE: All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition.

Oliver Twist : Male, 9-13

an orphaned workhouse boy. Bright, innocent, clever, and winning. He has a heroic air about him. Extremely loveable and kind-hearted. Must have an unchanged voice and have- or be able to quickly learn- a British accent.

Vocal: Soprano

Fagin :  Male, 40-59

devious leader of a children’s band of thieves. Runs a training academy for young pickpockets. Cockney accent. A conniving, sly, con-man, yet very personable. He has made a career out of training criminals, obsessed with money. Must have excellent comedic timing and a strong baritone voice.


Nancy : Female, 20-39

when she was younger worked for Fagin. Bill Sykes’ lover. She is devoted to him in spite of their abusive relationship. Takes a liking to Oliver and becomes somewhat of a guardian. Cockney accent. She possesses a drive for life even amongst the darkest circumstances. Pretty, intelligent, longs for a better life. Must have a strong belt to a D.


Bill Sykes:  Male, 30-39

worked for Fagin as a youth now a feared master criminal. A brutal, harsh, brutish, abusive man that always puts himself first. Cockney accent. Physically imposing and in his prime. Good looking in a rough, weathered sort of way.

Artful Dodger : Male, 14 - 19

to play 14-17, Cockney accent. Very energetic, highly personable, intelligent and savvy beyond his years. Fagin’s right hand “man”. He is full of life and seems to always be bursting with new ideas and a sense of adventure. A dynamic singer/dancer with youthful energy.

Bet : Female, 16-20

Nancy’s closest friend who used to work for Fagin but is now a prostitute. High spirited, energetic, down to earth. Cockney accent

Mr. Bumble : Male, 35-55

Master of the Workhouse. Cockney accent. A large, pompous and corrupt bureaucrat.


Widow Corney : Female, 40-59

Mistress of the Workhouse, Cockney accent. Sharp tongued widow. Brazen and corrupt.

Mr. Sowerberry/Dr. Grimwig : Male, 30-45

Mr. Sowerberry: The undertaker. He begrudgingly takes Oliver from Mr. Bumble to work in the funeral home as a coffin follower. He is cold and very insensitive. Cockney accent. Dr Grimwig: A doctor. British (not cockney) accent. Upper class, friend of Mr. Brownlow.

Mrs. Sowerberry/Mrs. Bedwin : Female, 35-45

Mrs. Sowerberry: The undertaker’s wife. More business savvy than her husband. Cockney accent. Mrs. Bedwin: A housekeeper. British (not cockney) accent. Works for Mr. Brownlow. Warm personality.


Charlotte: Female, 16-23

the Sowerberry’s daughter. A flirtatious, promiscuous young girl who is attracted to Noah Claypole. Has no sympathy for Oliver, very self consumed. Cockney accent.


Mr. Brownlow : Male, 50-69

British (not cockney) accent. Oliver’s grandfather. An upper-middle class gentleman. A kind man of wealth and good-breeding.


Old Sally : Female, 40-59

Oliver’s nurse at birth. She is kind hearted and has a sense of responsibility for Oliver. Will also understudy the roles of Widow Corney and Mrs. Sowerberry/mrs. Bedwin.

Charley Bates: Male 8 - 16

Part of Fagin’s gang. Cockney accent required.


Workhouse Governors, workers in the workhouse, thieves, London merchants, street vendors, bar keepers, policemen etc.  Cockney and traditional British accents required. Opportunity for featured dancers. Some movement required for all ensemble.

Vocal: All ranges required

Included in this are the featured soloists:

The Rose Seller

Strawberry Seller

Milk Maid

Knife Grinder

Long Song Seller

Fagin’s Gang & Workhouse Children*  SEE BELOW

We are looking for boys and girls who are bright and personable. All individuals cast will do both Workhouse and Fagin’s Gang. Preferably no taller than 155cm with excellent singing skills and some dance experienced preferred.


Not everyone is guaranteed a role after their audition. Unfortunately there is a limited number of spaces, and the number of students cast varies from show to show. However, if you are cast, here are some things to expect:

  • You must be at all rehearsals for which you are scheduled. If an absence is necessary, it must be clearly stated on your audition submission form. Conflicts will be taken under consideration during casting. Any cast member missing more than two rehearsals may not be able to participate in the show. Conflicts (other than illness) presented after casting will not be allowed.

  • Leaving early or arriving late is considered a conflict, and must be approved prior to casting.

  • You must commit to approximately 40 hours of rehearsal time before move-in and dress rehearsal week.

  • You must attend all dress/tech rehearsals.

  • You must be at all performances.

  • You must pay a Production Fee which includes a T-shirt, a poster, and 2 tickets to any performance.

  • Your parents must agree to attend two parent meetings and to serve approximately 10 hours on a production committee. (Depending on show)

Parents must agree to the following: 

I realize that if my child is chosen for the cast, I will be responsible to make sure he/she attends every performance and every rehearsal for which he/she is scheduled. In case of illness, I will notify the Stage Manager in advance. In order to ensure the quality of rehearsals and the production, I understand that two or more absences may result in dismissal from the show. I understand that I will be charged a $150 Production Fee per child. I am also responsible for personal items (i.e., shoes, tights, make-up). I understand that I will be required to attend two parent meetings and to volunteer 10 hours as part of a parent committee.




Rehearsals will be held 3 To 4 times per week  (depending on role) in the evenings, with possible Saturday afternoon rehearsals.