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NOTE: All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition.



PINKALICIOUS: 12 + to play a young girl, An energetic little girl who loves the color pink and pink cupcakes. Learns that more is not always better, learns self-control, and learns the power of pink.

Gender: Female

Vocal range- A#3 to G5


PETER: 10 + to play a young boy  (her younger brother) Secretly desires to enjoy pink like his sister and to express himself creatively; earns the right to play with pink toys and to enjoy life's silver lining by expressing himself freely.

Gender: Male

Vocal Range- F#2-G#4


ALISON: 10 + to play a young girl, Pinkalicious’s best friend who also wants to be pink.Learns not to be jealous, that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Gender: Female-Identifying

Vocal range- Ab3-F5


CHIDREN'S ROLES *(see below)

Birds,Bees,Butterflies - 8 – 18 love to sing and dance and think Pinkalicious is a flower  Appear in several dream sequences and musical numbers.

Gender: Female/Male

Vocal Range- Ab3-F5


MRS. PINKERTON: 20’s to 40’s  (Pinkalicious’s organic-minded and busy mother)Learns to be less rigid and less busy; finds her inner girl; learns to enjoy sweetsand eats buttercream frosting in the finale and wears a pink dress.

Gender: Female

Vocal Range- F#3-E5


MR. PINKERTON: 20’s to 40’s  (Pinkalicious’s pinkaphobic father) Learns to be less close-minded and strict; forbids Peter to play with pink toys; later permits Peter to express himself even if it involves pink, admires Pinkalicious for her love of pink, and even wears pink clothes himself.

Gender: Male

Vocal Range- G2-C4


  1. Prologue

  2. Pinkatastic

  3. Just One More / You Get Just What You Get / Cupcake Dream

  4. When Dreams Come True

  5. Pinkatitis

  6. Pinkatitis Reprise

  7. Peter's Pink Blues

  8. Buzz Off

  9. The Power of Antioxidants

  10. Peter And Pinkalicious Ponder The Predicament

  11. Green Food

  12. Finale

  13. Bows


  • Not everyone is guaranteed a role after their audition. Unfortunately there is a limited number of spaces, and the number of students cast varies from show to show. However, if you are cast, here are some things to expect:

  • You must be at all rehearsals for which you are scheduled. If an absence is necessary, it must be clearly stated on your audition submission form. Conflicts will be taken under consideration during casting. Any cast member missing more than two rehearsals may not be able to participate in the show. Conflicts (other than illness) presented after casting will not be allowed.

  • Leaving early or arriving late is considered a conflict, and must be approved prior to casting.

  • You must commit to approximately 40 hours of rehearsal time before move-in and dress rehearsal week.

  • You must attend all dress/tech rehearsals.

  • You must be at all performances.

  • You must pay a Production Fee which includes a T-shirt, a poster, and 2 tickets to any performance.

  • Your parents must agree to attend two parent meetings and to serve approximately 10 hours on a production committee. (Depending on show)

Parents must agree to the following: 
I realize that if my child is chosen for the cast, I will be responsible to make sure he/she attends every performance and every rehearsal for which he/she is scheduled. In case of illness, I will notify the Stage Manager in advance. In order to ensure the quality of rehearsals and the production, I understand that two or more absences may result in dismissal from the show. I understand that I will be charged a $150 Production Fee for the 1st child, $125 for the 2nd child and $100 for each additional child. I am also responsible for personal items (i.e., shoes, tights, make-up). I understand that I will be required to attend two parent meetings and to volunteer 10 hours as part of a parent committee.

ANNIE Character Breakdown,

Audition Scripts /Songs

AUDITION DATES: APRIL 30  5:00-7:30PM, 2018 



Directed & Choreographed by  Erik Austin 

Music Direction by  Charles Glaudini

Stage Managed by  Rita Navarro



Rehearsals will be held 3 To 4 times per week  (depending on role) in the evenings, with possible Saturday afternoon rehearsals in San Luis Obispo.   Tech week rehearsals will be Tuesday through Friday, May 22 - 25, 2018.  If you are unable to make the mandatory tech week rehearsals, we will be unable to cast you in this production.

CALLBACKS:  Sunday, April 15, 2018  (if needed)





Character Breakdown, Audition Sides